About Hidden Agenda Ltd


Hidden Agenda Ltd was created in early 1996 - as Arnhem Contracts Ltd - by me, Jez Caudle, for my IT contacting work. I had two years working for Nomura and then 4 and half years working for ABN Amro.


In 2000 I met my wife and we travelled to her home in Trinidad to meet her family and have a holiday. We bought ourselves a mobile phone on the local network to make calling people much cheaper and it was when we went to top up the credit that I noticed that most shops there were not specialist. The first time we topped up the phone was in a shop that was primarily a clothes shop. Although they also sold herbal remedies and organic flour as well as phone top ups.


This got me thinking and on my return I asked at ABN Amro why we didn't assemble our own computers. My idea was to buy the bits - motherboard, graphics card, memory etc - and have two people assemble them. My quick calculations showed that the company would not only save huge amounts of money but allow configurations to be created that weren't supported by the current supplier. The current supplier was very slow to bring in new kit when new chipsets and processors were released. I collared a senior manager but before I could go through the figures I was told "this is not our core business". Not long after it was revealed that Google make their own motherboards for their servers and their own networking gear designed around their needs instead of just buying vanilla kit.


A diverse skill set can help in many situations and bring a competitive advantage. I believe that my broad mindedness and experience adds something special.



Hidden Agenda Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company No. 03158689.


Head Office

The registered head office is Unit 15, Enfield Enterprise Centre, 26-28 Queensway, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 4SA. UK.