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Hidden Agenda Ltd is a diverse company whose main focus is creating web sites for clients via the IpsoSimplico.com web publishing platform that was completely developed in house.


Products and services



If you are looking for a long let in Chamonix then this is the place for you. The apartment is set up for season long lets: all the essentails such as a proper cooker and fan oven, dishwasher and washing machine. And also the nice-to-haves: WiFi, UK tv channels.




Coaching-Stats.com allows a football (soccer) coach to easily collect stats during a game so that they can then focus their training sessions on what is needed to improve the team.


The stats are collected using an iPhone 5 or iPad with more devices to be added soon.


If you would like to sign up and be a tester please get in touch via the Contact link.

William Caudle


William Caudle is both my son and an aspiring Formula One driver. He will soon start his karting exams so he can get a racing license. The web site was created to help find sponsors.



Ipso Simplico is a web publishing platform that makes keeping a web site up to date simplicity itself. The platform includes search engine optimisation and modules for an online shop, blogging, photo galleries to name but a few.

Ah Soca Ting


I was first exposed to Soca when I met my wife back in 2000 but it just came across as a loud noise. During our first visit to Trinidad a few months later we took a Maxi from Arouca to Port of Spain down the Eastern Main Road. Something about the heat,  the "sweet women parade abundantly" and the Soca pumping out of the stereo and it all clicked.


The quality of web sites dedicated to Soca music are generally very poor. That is all due to change in the next few months.



Whether it is mud with Mudders Internation in Port of Spain, Trinidad or chocolate with Pure Lime at Nottinghill - I love getting dirty, drunk and dancing to Soca and that means J'Ouvert. 


Time for a proper directory - coming soon.